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Package leaflet and Drug Directions

Grafica Atestina, in order to fully serve the world of packaging, also deals with the printing and folding of package leaflet and drug directions, both pharmaceutical and for many other sectors. The customer will no longer have to manage the purchase and management of the two components separately, he will have greater security of printing uniformity and the guaranteed delivery times for the two items.


We can provide flat or folded leaflets, in standard or customized formats, with parallel folds and cross folds, with 60 gr or 50 gr Um paper, in black / white or in four-color process, printing front and back in a single pass. In order to improve convenience, readability, multi-language information, we can also propose multipage Booklet (minimum size 7x10 cm) with staple and milling. The leaflet is a very delicate product both for the very light paper, both for the very small fonts that require precision and printing register, and for the number of folds to match. For all those reason we have invested in technology.
Our machinery consists of:

  • Polar 137 70x100 cutter, with auto loading and unloading system
  • Muller Martini staple saddle machine, with double central cut for minimum sizes
  • Guk 25x35 folder, 4 pockets for parallel folds
  • Guk 35x70 folder, 6 + 2 pockets
  • Heidelberg Stal 50x70 folding machine, 6 + 4 pockets and knife
  • MBO folder 70x100, 4 pockets and 4 knives

Moreover, the recent arrival of the Guk S250 folder, 55x100, 10 + 6 pockets and knife with water creasing system, has laid the foundations for the creation of a folding line exclusively dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector. In fact, the new system is equipped with an integrated anti-mixing code control system, with cameras.

Watch the video presentation of the folding line dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector:


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